This week the crew of Red Six looks back at the Disney classic, Flight of the Navigator.  Can this nostalgia inducing film about time travel and a “cool” alien robot friend hold up today? Will this poor attempt at remaking E.T. (AGAIN) make Steven Spielberg ill? ‘Compliance.’ vs ‘Awkward PeeWee Herman Laugh’, which will break you first? It’s an 80s kid’s dream power fantasy juxtaposed with horrifying abandonment issues! You can’t lose! 10,000 thumbs ready for, Flight of the Navigator!

All this plus Caleb’s bath time hot line, the invention of E-Sports, and a new Movie Game Gauntlet on this Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral.

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Childish Gambino – Flight Of Navigator ( Music Video) – YouTube

Lyrics: So we’re left alone / No one left to call upon / Be still now, broken bones / As I travel on just hold me close my darling… Full lyrics on Google Play Music
Released: 2013
Genre: Hip-hop/rap
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