In this week’s Issue of Red Six to Golden Corral the crew looks back to the beginning of 2016 when the boys made their resolutions for the year and decide whether they were victorious in meeting their goals or fell short into utter defeat!  The crew also takes a moment to establish goals for 2017 with a renewed sense of vigor after making through the trash fire the history books will refer to as 2016.



tumblr_mgnyz3nbsi1qe5udso1_250Last year’s resolutions can be listened to in Issue 13 !
Jon: Focus on content – Join the 4,5,6 Club at the Gym – Play more Vintage MTG
Caleb: Get Healthy – Focus on Podcasting
Nick: Do more with podcasting – Thwart Caleb from reaching his goals

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Mad World (for An All Star) 

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