The night is drawing to an end as dawn comes to Gotham! This issue concludes Red Six To Golden Corral’s two part countdown of the top 10 episodes from the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series. What episode will take the number one spot!?  Which of the Bat’s Rogues Gallery will take the special place of honor?! Will it be the Riddler?!  Or how about King Tut!?  Ok.. probably not King Tut or even that sad sack Egghead, poor Vincent Price. BUT! There are still many fantastic episodes to choose from so make sure to listen to the end because the answer might surprise you!



Gotham’s Guardian

Funeral for a friend.

Funeral for a friend.

Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.

Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot.


Hopefully you enjoyed this Batman Countdown as much as we did making it.  There are too many fantastic episodes that did not make the top ten and maybe in the future we will go back and pick up the ones left behind.  Let us know some of your favorites that didn’t make the cut this round!  Thanks again for listening and if you have a moment and like what you have heard then we encourage you to head over to iTunes and leave a rating and feedback letting us know what you think! Until next time!

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JOKER’S SONG (Full song) by Miracle Of Sound

A musical tribute to the symbiotic relationship between Batman and the Joker
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